S. Kambe JAEA, Japan Actinide magnetism and superconductivity
J. Somers JRC ITU, EC MAS NMR of oxide fuels and claddings
L. Martel JRC ITU, EC NMR and inorganic materials
I. Farnan University of Cambridge, UK MAS NMR of radiation damaged materials, actinide containing solids
H. Cho Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA NMR radionuclides (99Tc) and actinide containing solids
M. Denecke   
KIT-INE, Germany
Local spectroscopy of actinide containing material
P. Kaden KIT-INE, Germany NMR of f-element complexes in solution
D. Meyer Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule
Actinide chemistry and separation technology
P. Guillermier Areva