S. Kambe JAERI, Japan Actinide magnetism and superconductivity
H. Cho Pacific Northwest National Lab, USA NMR radionuclides (99Tc) and actinide containing solids
I. Farnan University of Cambridge, UK MAS NMR of radiation damaged materials, actinide containing solids   
R.Caciuffo JRC ITU, EC Actinide magnetism and superconductivity
R. Walstedt University of Michigan, USA Low temperature NMR, Actinide NMR
J. Autschbach University of Buffalo, USA
Calculation of paramagnetic NMR shifts, EPR parameters
C. Berthon CEA, Marcoule, France NMR of actinide separation Ligands
A. Geist KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany NMR of actinide complexes
T. Charpentier  
CEA, Saclay, France NMR glass, extraction of structural parameters from NMR spectra
Z. Szabo KTH Sweden NMR of uranium complexes
F. Breher KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany NMR of actinides in solution
J-F. Desreux University of Liege, Belgium Actinide NMR relaxometry, Actinide ligand interactions
J.V. Hanna The University of Warwick, UK Solid state NMR lanthanides
C. Bessada CEMHTI Orleans, France NMR of actinide - molten salt and fluoride systems
D. Meyer Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule
Actinide chemistry and separation technology

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