The management of the trans-national access programme will be through the coordinator, an administrative assistant and the scientific advisory committee (SAC). The four participants will form the core of the SAC, with two experts from overseas (USA and Japan) will be used to give a global perspective to the work. Dr Herman Cho runs a radiological NMR facility at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Dr Shin Kambe is Head of the NMR lab at the JAEA Advanced Research Centre and is an expert in the low temperature physics of actinides. The SAC will be assisted in its work by an Expert review team who have indicated that they are willing to support the establishment of the trans-national access programme through reviewing proposals in their expertise area. The expert review team all attended the 'Towards an Actinide NMR Centre of Excellence' workshop in Karlsruhe (25th-27th Jan 2010). They are part of the nucleus of researchers who recognised the need for nuclear magnetic resonance facilities in Europe that can operate under radiological conditions.

In the 30 month programme the first 4 months are dedicated to establishment of a small infrastructure to receive proposals, have them evaluated (and modified, if needed) and passed forward to the SAC for consideration for time allocation at the Actinide NMR Centre of Excellence. There will be 24 months of access time. A second call for proposals will go out 2 months before the start of the second 12 month access period and proposals will be evaluated to allow completion of the project. It will be permissable to apply for a continuance of a successful project in round 2. In the final two months of the project a Users Workshop will be held for Users to present the results of the access programme and showcase the application of NMR to nuclear research to a wider community of researchers and industrialists. A roundtable will also be convened at the workshop to consider future requirements in the field.